I have been playing with the beads for more than a decade now. Initially, it was once in a while evening or late night affair. Since some years it has become practically a non-stop full-time passion. I love beading so much that I steal time from everything, except of course the time for my family. Beading gives me supreme satisfaction. Until now, I have been sharing my creations mainly with my family. One fine day, looking back at my collection, I realized I have done quite a lot of beading and I decided to showcase my collection.

The very first necklace I made, was a very simple one. It was made with tiny-mini cobalt blue color beads I received from someone. I simply strung the beads with an ordinary sewing machine thread by hand. I closed the necklace using a 22-carat gold, s-shape hook. I liked the end result and gave that to my mom. Later, I learned about the seed beads, special threads, and needles. I learned some beading stitches like peyote, raw, craw, herringbone,… the spirals and the nets, … I bought some Miyuki seed beads, made some bracelets using the above techniques. I learned to bezel the stones with peyote stitch and did some wonderfully embellished bezels. I also learned to make French beaded flowers and did a couple of them.

I love colors and everything that shines. I love mixing colors and styles. If I decide to do something unicolor, it somehow ends up as multicolor. It is extremely hard for me to restrain to one color only. Very rarely I succeed in doing something unicolor. I am never able to finish what I initially plan to do; the end result is often different. Whatever I do depends on my mood, colors I pick up and the beads I use and, of course, the weather. Sunny days for me are far longer than rainy days of any season.

I am a slow learner; a big dreamer and I love to imagine things. Every time I finish something, I feel this is THE BEST…